Behind the Scenes: An Update from Sagely Naturals HQ (Watch)

Behind the Scenes: An Update from Sagely Naturals HQ (Watch)

by Kerrigan Behrens October 03, 2018

Listen now to our video update to get your top questions about CBD answered, plus hear what’s new and exciting at Sagely HQ.

It’s been three years since we launched Sagely Naturals and the response has been nothing short of mind-blowing! We have served more than 50,000 customers (whoa!) and are currently stocked in over 1,500 stores across the U.S. (including mass retailer GNC (the first to stock CBD products).

The thing that motivates us more than anything is to hear recently that over 74% of you have replaced a product in your medicine cabinet with a Sagely Naturals product. Because what this means is we’re accomplishing our mission: to help you experience less stress, less pain, and ultimately get you back doing what you love most.

As you might already know, no question is off limits at Sagely Naturals, so we sat down to answer your top five burning questions about CBD:

  1. Are your products legal across the US?
  2. How quickly can I expect to feel CBD
  3. What do you do with all of the THC?
  4. Will I fail a drug test?
  5. What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Watch our video to get all the answers!

Hot off the Press from Sagely HQ

1. New 360° Rotation Spray Nozzle!

Spray-on relief is handy, but sometimes it’s tough getting to those hard-to-reach places (like your lower back and shoulders). We’ve just designed a 360° spray bottle for our Relief & Recovery Spray that you can use on-the-go, before and after workouts, or while out enjoying your favorite active adventure! Here’s why we’re loving it:

  • It has a special valve that means the spray can be administered upside down or right-way-up.
  • An easy lock mechanism ensures you can take your active spray anywhere - throw it in a gym bag or keep in your purse, no need to worry about spills or leakage!
  • Get the same consistent dosage, we recommend 1-3 sprays in the affected area
  • Same non-drip formula and dries quickly
  • Same hands-free formula, dries quickly.

2. Hello, Next-Generation Wellness!

We were so excited to exhibit at The Consumer Discovery Show’s “Discovery Lounge” alongside other breakthrough brands and product innovations. The show is all about “next-generation” wellness, beauty, and food products, and so we were proud to be in the company of other brands also seeking to make a positive contribution to the wellness game.

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Kerrigan Behrens

Kerrigan Behrens' passion for CBD and its therapeutic benefits led her to launch Sagely Naturals alongside Kaley Nichol in 2015. She is motivated by the ability to use plant-based ingredients to effectively replace toxic products in her customers' medicine cabinets and she lives for customer testimonials. She currently serves as the Cofounder and CMO of Sagely Naturals.

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