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Full Disclosure: Sagely's Commitment to Quality and Transparency

by Kerrigan Behrens August 07, 2018

Full Disclosure: Sagely's Commitment to Quality and Transparency

Pictured: Sagely Naturals Relief & Recovery Collection and Tranquility Collection

One of the reasons we started Sagely Naturals was because we realized that the CBD products on the market weren’t made for women like us or our moms! Quality didn’t seem to be a focus, ingredients weren’t openly listed, the branding was off, and you couldn’t easily determine how trustworthy many of the products were.

Although Cannabis has been used for thousands of years across the world, CBD is a relatively new industry. And since official regulations are still catching up with this fast-expanding marketplace of potions and lotions, the onus is on us and others to be transparent about the processes behind our products.

What We Stand Behind: Sagely’s Products & Processes

At Sagely HQ, no question is off limits and nor will it ever be. You deserve to have standards of quality upheld, not because a business is forced to by laws, but because it’s simply the right thing to do. Period. Here's what you should know about our products and the processes that bring them to life:

1. Organic & Non-GMO Hemp

Grown and extracted in Kentucky, USA, our hemp is grown under organic standards, is non-GMO, sustainable, and grown outdoors in a state-of-the-art facility without pesticides. We have a tight-knit relationship with our farmers in KY, and can therefore wholeheartedly trust their work practices.

2. Whole Plant, Full Spectrum

Our CBD is derived from whole plant, full spectrum hemp to ensure you're getting a full profile of phytocannabinoids (minus the THC). We never use isolate. In 2015, researchers discovered what is now known as the “entourage” effect. Meaning: CBD is much more effective when it gets extracted alongside the full range of primary and secondary therapeutic constituents of the hemp plant.

3. Triple Lab Tested

All of our CBD products go through a rigorous triple lab testing process. The reason for this is to ensure that all THC (the psychoactive element) has been removed (through a process called liquid chromatography) and that there are no heavy metals, solvents, or other potentially harmful materials in our products. During the triple lab testing process we test for potency, purity, and pesticides, including:

  1. The oil is tested after its extraction from the hemp plant in KY
  2. It’s then tested a second time after being transported from KY to California (at our headquarters), and
  3. After product formulation, we then test again for CBD potency and purity.

4. Made with 100% Natural Ingredients

All of our products are made with all natural ingredients: we use NO parabens, sulfates, PEGs, or artificial fragrances and we never test on animals. Also, our five step distillation process for extraction is non-toxic and non-chemical.

5. GMP Certified

Our products are both extracted and manufactured in GMP Certified facilities. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, meaning we operate within tight controls and conform to the highest quality standards.

6. Full Ingredients List

We always give access to our full, plant-based ingredients list. By law, we're not required to, but as a matter of integrity, we absolutely do. Full product disclosure statements and ingredient lists can be obtained by calling our customer service line or shooting us an email at info@sagelynaturals.com.

Because we take these steps, we are always confident in the quality of our products. And we believe you can be too. We are always happy to share the above information with you so that you can have peace-of-mind that what you are buying is a genuine product. And, most importantly, that you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality product to help you live your best life possible.

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Kerrigan Behrens

Kerrigan Behrens' passion for CBD and its therapeutic benefits led her to launch Sagely Naturals alongside Kaley Nichol in 2015. She is motivated by the ability to use plant-based ingredients to effectively replace toxic products in her customers' medicine cabinets and she lives for customer testimonials. She currently serves as the Cofounder and CMO of Sagely Naturals.

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