Happy 5th Birthday Sagely Naturals!

Here are some of the key milestones we’re celebrating as Sagely Naturals turns five.

We founded Sagely Naturals in 2015 and our mission is steadfast: To help people do more of what they love. As CBD pioneers, we have rapidly grown from our humble beginnings to having the privilege of providing the many benefits of CBD to people all over the country—always with a commitment to quality and approachability.

As Kaley and I blow out the candles on five years and reminisce about how we made our first-ever CBD product (the Relief & Recovery CBD Cream) with only our savings and a passion to share the power of CBD —here are some of the key milestones we’re celebrating with all of you who have been with us on this incredible journey:

Our Relief & Recovery Cream is the Best-Selling CBD Topical in the Country

It’s incredible that our first ever product, the Relief & Recovery CBD Cream, is the best-selling CBD topical in the country! It’s a big part of the reason that we are now helping hundreds of thousands of people do more of what they love.

Featured in Forbes as the Largest Female-Founded CBD Company

We had a “pinch me!” moment when we were featured in Forbes as the largest female-founded CBD company in the USA. We loved that we could share in mainstream media why we made it a priority to support women in carrying out a medicine cabinet makeover by making a line of products that you can proudly display on your bathroom counter or carry in your purse.

We Said Hello to Mission-Driven Investors

We are absolutely thrilled to have inspiring women like Molly Sims, Cameron Diaz, and Zoe Saldana become a part of the Sagely Naturals team. They are each ardent supporters of female-founded businesses and true models of wellness.

We Expanded from 800 to Over 12,000 Stores

When we founded Sagely Naturals, part of our mission was to provide accessibility to CBD so that you could shop where you felt most comfortable. We’ve grown from 800 to more than 12,000 stores in the US, including major retailers like CVS, Rite Aid, and Sprouts. You now should be able to find our CBD products in many of your favorite local stores!

Our CBD Offering Grew to Five Collections

As category creators with a unique approach to wellness, we strive to continually innovate, evolve, and explore new ways to harness the power of nature. It’s this passion for innovation that has led to five collections and over 20 products that support whole self-wellness with CBD—including our first foray into the beauty category with our Rewind and Renew Collection.

We Proudly Sponsored the LA Marathon, A CBD First

We were the first CBD company to sponsor a major marathon in the US! We had an incredible opportunity to meet and congratulate all the runners, provide them with some instant cooling relief to revive and rejuvenate their bodies after 26.2 miles, and prevent exercise-induced inflammation

We Became Leaping Bunny Approved

Sagely Naturals products have always been cruelty-free, but we’re proud to say that we also obtained the seal to prove it. Being certified provides you with the best assurance that no animal testing is used in any phase of our product development. It also means you won’t ever have to compromise your values to find products that support your wellbeing.

We are celebrating our birthday by thanking you! We are so grateful for your loyalty, your support, and your contribution over the past five years. Most of all, thank you for letting us support you in your journey to feel your best every day.

In plants we trust, 

Kerrigan & Kaley
Sagely Naturals Founders

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