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As a culture, we've accepted having constant pain, inflammation, and general discomfort as normal. Just because it's normal, doesn't mean it's right. 


We never get tired of our clients sending in transforming testimonials about how Sagely Naturals Relief & Recovery Capsules and Cream have made such an impact on how they feel day to day. 


Your pain isn't normal, and you can do something about it. Read through our real life customer stories to inspire you make an intentional effort to create a new normal, where you're back to doing all of the things you love. 


I swear they should call this stuff "Magic Cream"

I had surgery on my shoulder four weeks ago today. I took prescription narcotics for the pain for five days and have since only used Sagely Naturals for pain relief. It soothes on contact, and completely removes my pain in minutes!! Yes, MINUTES!! I have been a long time sufferer of migraines as well, and recently decided to give it a try by rubbing some on my temples, forehead, and neck. Once again I felt relief within minutes. I call this my "magic cream" because it can be used anywhere on your body. I have also had success rubbing it on my lower abdomen during my cycle to relieve cramps! It doesn't leave an oily residue and the smell is refreshing, not strong! I have had such success with this product and it's many, many different uses that I even bought some for members of my family, who have used it for relief for arthritis, leg cramps, etc.


"I even sleep better."

I love this cream! It's non greasy, absorbs well and works better than anything I've tried for my rheumatoid arthritis joint pain and sore muscles after exercise. I'm not kidding. I've tried everything. Wanted to try a good CBD product for a long time and I think I've found it. It seems to provide a feeling of calm and relaxation too. I'd swear I even sleep better. I found relief after the first use, but the effects seem to build up with regular use and be more lasting. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering like many sports rubs. I just think this is an amazing product!


"I can't rave enough about it."

Im a sufferer of chronic pain with horrible migraines caused by damage in my neck. There are times where no amount of pain Medication could help ease the pain in my neck which then would trigger into a migraine. I was given a small amount if this cream to try. I was sold in an instant. I can't rave enough about it. I even told my physical therapist this lotion is miracle in a bottle.

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  • The lotion that I use on my back and neck for MS related pain. Best stuff I have ever tried. I can actually get a few hours sleep without pain meds.

    Cammy on

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