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We're thrilled to be sharing our newest product with you launching in September 2017! This exciting hands free application dries quickly and won't require you to massage into your skin. Designed for all of those moments when you're on the go, it'll get you back to the things –and people–you love.

Any guesses on what it is?

Leave a comment below with your guess and we'll enter you in a drawing for a giveaway of our newest product! 

Warmest Regards,

Co-Founder, Sagely Naturals


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  • Thank you to everyone who guessed what our upcoming product is and congratulations, Todd, on being chosen as the winner for our new Relief & Recovery Spray! You can expect the new product to arrive in the mail next week. For everyone else, we hope you’ll give it a try for your active and on-the-go Relief & Recovery needs!

    In plants we trust,
    Kerrigan + Kaley
    Founders, Sagely Naturals

    Kerrigan Behrens on
  • A topical cbd pain relief spray!

    Madeline A Krisko on
  • A (non-aerosol) spray of “dry oil” with same, wonderful active ingredients as your lotion, but allows for faster application and absorption?

    Juliana on
  • It’s an after bath moisturizing cream!!

    Erv Fitterer on
  • I think its Spray On relief – just like the cream, but no rubbing!

    Colleen Hall-Johnson on

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