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The Positive Effects of CBD on Joint Pain

by Kerrigan Behrens July 05, 2018 1 Comment

The Positive Effects of CBD on Joint Pain

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Creaky joints. A twinge in your back. A shooting pain in your knee when you get up. An achy hip at night...all part of life, right? Wrong, we don’t believe that.

All too often we assume joint pain is something you just have to live with-an inevitable part of aging. Or maybe you ignore it, hoping it will go away. But joint pain can take over your life. It starts hurting not just your body, but your ability to work and focus, your relationships, your vitality, and your ability to do the things you love.

Most joint pain is caused by inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injuries like twisting an ankle, repetitive movement or degenerative joint damage. Symptoms of inflammation can include redness, swelling and pain at and around the injury, like one of our customers, Fahizah was experiencing:

“I had severe arthritis for years in my knees. I finally succumbed to total knee replacement surgery in March. Surgery went great, but subsequent nerve pain wakes me up every night since I stopped taking pain meds.” - Fahizah Alim

Fortunately, CBD is anti-inflammatory and has positive effects on joint pain.

Here’s how it works: 

  • study published in the journal Rheumatology reported that Cannabinoid Receptors (CB2) receptors are found in unusually high levels in the joint tissue of arthritis patients.
  • CBD fights inflammation in the joints by activating the pathways of CB2 receptors and then reducing the pain experienced. 

Which is why Fahizah went on to tell us: “I'm amazed and relieved! I ordered some and used it the same evening that I received it. I slept all night PAIN FREE for the first time in months. I can't think you enough!”

Because it helps with the healing process, it has even been used by professional athletes. In fact, in January 2017, the World Anti-Doping Agency officially dropped CBD from its list of controlled substances, and athletes can now incorporate CBD into their routine without risking their careers.

But it’s not just athletes; it also helps people in getting more out of their day-to-day life: 

“I have suffered knee pain all my life and have been on a constant regiment of knee braces and creams. As a spinning instructor, I am in constant pain for hours after every class and have never found anything that will help with the pain for a prolonged amount of time. That was until I found this product! 

The first night I applied it after my class, I was amazed at the instant relief I felt! It was the first time in years that I had pain relief for the whole night and even until the next day! I would recommend this to anyone who suffers from joint or muscle pain and wants instant and lasting relief!” - Brenda

Pain in your joints can be debilitating and impact your overall quality of life. And whatever the cause of your uncomfortable joint pain, consider using CBD (instead of band-aid solutions like over-the-counter pain medications) and take a natural step forward in getting your body back to functioning as it should. 


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Kerrigan Behrens

Kerrigan Behrens' passion for CBD and its therapeutic benefits led her to launch Sagely Naturals alongside Kaley Nichol in 2015. She is motivated by the ability to use plant-based ingredients to effectively replace toxic products in her customers' medicine cabinets and she lives for customer testimonials. She currently serves as the Cofounder and CMO of Sagely Naturals.

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Megan Stefan
Megan Stefan

October 01, 2018

Hi, I’m suffering from Sciatica now and I don’t know what to do about this i tried to put a normal ointment for this but it doesn’t work for me but I read an article about the good benefits of CBD being used as a medicine and im using it right now and i feel better each and every day. Does anybody have the same experience as mine?

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