What is the difference between hemp & marijuana?

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There are many apparent differences between hemp and marijuana.

Both plants are part of the Cannabis Sativa plant species and surely have commonalities. You could compare the similarities of hemp and marijuana to the similarities of an orange and a lemon. Both an orange and a lemon are citrus fruits. And as some of us have learned quite humorously at a young age, lemons are much more sour (containing more citrus) than an orange.

So we know that an orange and a lemon are similar, yet different.

Since hemp and marijuana both belong to the Cannabis species, they too are similar, yet different.

With the lemon, we see that it has more citric acid and less Vitamin C than an orange. And an orange has more Vitamin C, with less citric acid. In the same way, the hemp plant contains more CBD and less THC (what makes you high), and marijuana has more THC and less CBD.

The fundamental difference between hemp (what Sagely products are made of) and marijuana is the percentage of THC that is found in each plant.

Hemp has less than .3% THC while most marijuana has over 15% THC.

With all Sagely products, we remove all trace amounts of THC from the hemp that our products are made out of, and triple test our products to ensure they contain no THC.  

This reason is why Sagely Naturals can safely and legally ship our Relief & Recovery products to all 50 states because we use hemp, not marijuana, and our products contain no THC.

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