When is the first time you tried CBD?

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The first time I tried CBD, a doctor recommended it for the chronic back pain that I was experiencing, and after I tried it, I couldn’t believe I felt better than I’d ever felt before.

At the time my friend and now business partner, Kaley, was telling me about some pain she was experiencing, and I knew she needed to experience the same relief I’d felt using CBD as a pain reliever.

Kaley tried CBD for the first time in a patch form for menstrual cramps and realized how effective CBD really was. Because it worked so well, CBD became our replacement in the medicine cabinet for Advil and Tylenol.

And as an Athlete, I knew I needed a replacement for all of the ineffective and synthetic medicine I was taking.  

Both of our experiences were so impactful; we knew that we needed to spread the word and get this incredible treatment for pain relief into as many hands as possible, so we started Sagely Naturals! Now you could say our dream has come true, and we’re so honored to offer our Relief & Recovery Cream and our Relief & Recovery Capsules!


In plants we trust,

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