Why did we start Sagely Naturals?

Posted by Kerrigan Behrens on

We started Sagely because once Kaley and I experienced the positive impact of CBD, we realized the products on the market weren’t for us, or for people like our moms.

The branding was off, quality was of a concern, ingredients weren’t openly listed, and you couldn’t easily determine how trustworthy many of the Cannabis products on the market were.

Our bestselling Relief & Recovery Cream was created because we knew users would want something familiar, that they already use every day and could easily introduce into their existing daily routine.

We also knew that having no THC within our product was an essential component to allow anyone to experience the benefits of this underutilized plant, without getting high.

And aesthetically we wanted something beautiful. A bottle that would look attractive set out on your bathroom vanity since our creams are designed to be applied daily.

Grab up our bestselling Relief & Recovery products today, and get back to doing more what you love the most!

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