Sagely User Spotlight: Claudia

Posted by Kerrigan Hanna on

Claudia - "The real reason to love Sagely is that it works!"

Sagely User

I love yoga and barre classes. I had slacked off on working out for a couple weeks, and then did a very difficult ballet class. My calves were so sore I was limping. I was in bed, in pain, and I remembered I had a sample of Sagely. I put it on my calves, and at first it just felt like a nice lotion. A couple minutes later, I laid in bed, and it felt like heaven. Not only was the pain relieved, but my muscles felt relaxed for the first time in days. 

I really was surprised by its effectiveness! The real reason to love Sagely is that it works! Sagely is without a doubt a new staple in our home. My husband is using it too now! We highly recommend it! 

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