Are Sagely’s Products Legal?

There is a significant distinction between CBD derivations—whether it be from agricultural hemp or marijuana. Agricultural hemp products are not considered “marijuana” under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Naturally occurring cannabinoids in agricultural hemp foods, including oil, were never included under the CSA.

All of our products are made from the mature stalks & fibers of agricultural hemp—meaning they are currently exempt from the Federal CSA’s definition of marijuana.

Will I Feel High?

This is what makes Sagely's products unique is that they are derived from hemp and do not contain any THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) whatsoever (as seen on our testing certificates here). Since THC is the compound that is responsible for psychoactive sensations and side effects, Sagely's products will not cause you to feel high - ever. 

How much do I need to put on to feel a difference?

Based on research and feedback from our customers, the best results are experienced when Sagely’s products are applied daily for at least a week. Apply liberally to affected area as you would a body lotion - enough to be absorbed into the affected area. Massage for 30-60 seconds which with help activate the essential oils and menthol on the skin's surface.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are made in the U.S. and distributed from our office in Santa Monica, California. 

How do I return a product?

To return a product, reach out to us at info@sagelynaturals.com in order for us to create a return packaging slip to go along with your package. We do not cover return shipping costs at this time. It is advised to return product with a provider that offers tracking as we do not cover lost product in transit.

Does it actually work?

We do not make any promises that our products will work for specific conditions. We recommend that you follow the directions on the package and use for at least a week to see results as some people need to stimulate their endocannabinoid system.

Do you test your products?

Yes, we lab test all of the hemp extract and batch test all of our products. To see the latest lab test results, click here.

Will I have any issues passing a drug test?

The hemp extract we use in our products does not contain any THC. See results here. It is up to our customers to understand what they may be screened for in a drug test. We cannot guarantee that you will pass a drug test, however our products do not contain any THC.

Do your products contain any THC?

All Sagely products are made with CBD extracted from hemp. Once the initial extraction process is complete, the hemp oil is extracted again using a separate process that removes THC. None of Sagely's products contain any amounts of THC.

lab test results, click here.

Do you ship your products internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not offer international shipping at this time. We hope to be able to offer international shipping soon so please check back in with us!