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Tranquility Capsules

Formulated for superior absorption, Sagely Naturals Tranquility Capsules help treat occasional stress. Our proprietary blend, which includes CBD, Ashwagandha, Magnolia Bark, and Lavender, promotes a balanced mood, dispels feelings of mild stress, and inspires tranquility and relaxation. Used daily, they can help you to gently close all those open “tabs” in your mind, and assist your body in taking a long, slow, deep breath—it’s that elusive feeling of wakeful calm.

Our original formula was created by PhD chemists, in state of the art facilities and with premium hemp, made only in the USA.

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  • CBD : Relieves mild anxiety, promotes balance and relaxation*

    Ashwagandha : Improves stress and happiness levels, decreases anxiety*

    Magnolia Bark : Reduces cortisol and improves mood including overall stress, tension, and fatigue*

    L-Theanine : Reduces stress and immune response*

    Holy Basil : Shows anxiolytic and stress-relieving effects*

    English Lavender : Calms and relaxes emotional stress

    Chamomile Flowering Tops : Promotes relaxation, sedates nerves and reduces anxiety

  • As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily. 

  • Sagely’s Tranquility Capsules contain CBD and a proprietary blend of herbs and adaptogens, including Ashwagandha, Magnolia Bark, L-Theanine, and Holy Basil. Our formulation helps the body adapt to stress and increases the body’s resistance to stress, exerting a normalizing and balancing effect.

    The Tranquility line was created for people who deal with stress and anxiety and need a healthy and clean way to replenish. We want to allow people to de-stress in the modern era with all natural ingredients and without the nasty side-effects of many of the common drugs on the market.

    One of the key challenges faced by CBD consumers is the low absorption rate of hemp oil into the human digestive system. Our water soluble formula gives the full entourage effect of all natural hemp plant constituents. The capsules are water-soluble (i.e. soluble in the digestive tract), meaning higher bioavailability of the hemp oil and thus more efficiency per mg of CBD.

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