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How Seniors Can Benefit from Daily CBD Use

by Kerrigan Behrens August 09, 2018 1 Comment

How Seniors Can Benefit from Daily CBD Use

Most of the time you find it hard to believe you’re getting older. Your chronological age can’t be disputed but youfeel much younger, even decades younger! But lately you’ve noticed it’s not as easy to recover after physical activity, and those aches are appearing in new spots.

Getting older is a fact of life, but aches, pains, and persistent niggles don’t have to go hand-in-hand. It’s never too late to take back control, and if you’re reading this article, you’re on the right track.

But while you’re doing your due diligence, many other people are missing out on natural pain relief options like CBD, worried a product from the cannabis plant species could get them high. Fortunately, there are many CBD options on the market that contain zero THC (the psychoactive element in hemp).

If you’re a senior, family member or caregiver here’s what you should know about the benefits of daily CBD use:

1. Natural Pain Relief

One of the advantages of CBD over common pain relievers is that it desensitizes pain at the nerve level while at the same time minimizing aches and pains, and reducing inflammation. For the full rundown of the science behind how CBD works like nature’s Advil, check out our CBD 101.

2. Improves Bone Health

With age, our bone density naturally decreases making us susceptible to osteoporosis and fractures. Research has found that CBD may act as therapeutic agents against bone and cartilage diseases, and injuries.

3. Protects Against Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s & Glaucoma

The risk for neurodegenerative disorders also increases with age, but because CBD has neuroprotectant properties, it can help halt their progress by supporting the brain’s repair process and encouraging the growth of new cells.

4. Bolsters Heart Health

According to the Centre for Disease Control, heart disease remains the leading killer of adults over age 65. High blood pressure is one of the ways your chances of having a heart attack, heart damage, or metabolic syndrome occur. Recent research has found that CBD is linked to many heart-related benefits including blood pressure control and stress reduction.

5. Goodbye Sleeping Pills

As you get older, deep sleep can be hard to come by, which is when our brain cells restore themselves and healing takes place. CBD can help extend the deep sleep phase, aid relaxation, and has even been used to counteract the high of THC.

So now that you’ve got your head around CBD and some of its benefits you are well placed to take back control of your health. And by the way, you’re not alone in your researching, with recent studies showing that overall cannabis use by those aged 65+ increased 250% between 2006 to 2013. So next time frustrating aches stop you in your tracks, try CBD as a possible alternative to getting you back to doing what you love, with those you hold dearest.


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Kerrigan Behrens

Kerrigan Behrens' passion for CBD and its therapeutic benefits led her to launch Sagely Naturals alongside Kaley Nichol in 2015. She is motivated by the ability to use plant-based ingredients to effectively replace toxic products in her customers' medicine cabinets and she lives for customer testimonials. She currently serves as the Cofounder and CMO of Sagely Naturals.

1 Response

Hilda Santos
Hilda Santos

August 16, 2018

Dear Kelly and Kerrigan
thank you for making this product available and most of all the education about CBD
I am a retired RN and worked for 54 years. I am also dealing with osteo arthritis for many years which has gotten worse as I aged.
I have tried a lot of anti-inflammatory supplements and diets They are all good but I need something to relieve. my pain.
the CBD relief lotion is it
I sleep better and I gardened a lot this season. sometimes I forget about my osteoarthritis and I keep going without break.
but I learned my lesson. My body is aging and it is best I take a 30 minute rest every hour. that way I don’t get into trouble
the cbd relief cream is my miracle potion

thank you and may you both prosper.

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