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What's The Recommended Dosage for CBD Products? {Watch}

by Kerrigan Behrens September 11, 2018

What's The Recommended Dosage for CBD Products? {Watch}

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Whether you’re new to CBD or an experienced user, understanding how much CBD to take can be confusing, especially since the industry is still so new. And while there’s plenty of information about the
benefits of CBD, you’ve probably found yourself scratching around to find answers to questions like:

“How much CBD should I be taking?”

“CBD is already working well for me, so should I be taking more?”

“Are products with high levels of CBD better? Or are other factors more important?”

Let us help you answer these questions so that you can take CBD with the ultimate peace of mind:

How Much CBD Should I Be Taking?

CBD dosage is not an exact science yet. So although we can’t tell youexactly how much you need to take, because every person’s body and needs are different, experimentation is the best way to figure out how much CBD you need on a daily basis.

Some refer to it as finding your “Goldilocks Zone” - where you’re taking CBD that doesn’t feel like too much or too little, but “just right” for the particular concern you are treating (dosage can be different depending on the what you’re using it for, too).

Nick Jikomes, a Harvard educated Phd in Neuroscience, explains that, as our body’s physiology changes, so do the receptors in our endocannabinoid system, which are directly responsible for interactions with CBD. As a result, optimal CBD dosages will also shift throughout an individual's lifetime.

In other words, there isn’t a universal or static CBD dosage.

OK, ButNow Can You Tell Me: How Much CBD Should I Take?

To get you started along the path to figuring out your personal “Goldilocks Zone,” we’ve made it a priority to continue leveraging research on ideal transdermal (through the skin) and internal therapeutic dosage of CBD. A PhD chemist, who had previously worked in the pharmaceuticals industry, helped us to determine dosage early on in the Research and Development process.

Here’s what we recommend for our Sagely Naturals CBD capsules:

1. Timing

As far as time of day, some of our users tell us that the capsules help them to relax and so they take them before bed, while others prefer to take them in the morning so they can feel the effects during the day.

2. Dosage

In terms of dosage we recommend starting with one capsule a day and seeing how you feel. If, after a week or two, you’re not getting the desired effects, you can begin taking two capsules at a time. Try experimenting and let us know what you end up concluding works best for you!

Here’s what we recommend for our Relief & Recovery Cream:

Our work with the PhD chemist also helped us to determine that, in order to obtain the therapeutic benefits of CBD through the skin, you should take 1-2mg at a time. That's why we designed our cream to have about 1mg per pump/application--so that each pump would have a beneficial effect.

CBD Already Works Well For Me, So, Should I Take More?

If CBD has been working wonders for you, why not crank up the CBD dose to gain even more benefits, right? If a little is so beneficial, shouldn’t a lot be better? Well, it turns out that, for CBD, the answer is no.

As we discussed above, CBD’s benefits require a particular dosage range specific to each person. In fact, overshooting and takingtoo much CBD can actually reduce its efficacy. An animal study published back in 1990 found that low to moderate CBD doses reduced stress, but CBD’s anti-stress effect disappeared at higher doses. So, once you find your “Goldilocks Zone,” stick to it and only adjust as needed.

One of our Facebook members, Tom, explains how he personally found this to be true:

“I was afraid the 10mg dose would be too little. So I bought pure CBD 25mg for comparison. The 10mg blended with herbs works much better than a higher dose of pure CBD. Three days of CBD and turmeric in the morning and CBD Tranquility blend in the evening helped reduce inflammation in my wrist and helped my TMJ jaw pain. Thank you.” - Tom

What Factors Other Than Dosage Should I Consider?

Finding a quality CBD product actually matters more than dosage levels alone. Here are three other important factors to look out for:

Whole Plant / Full Spectrum CBD Vs Isolates / Pure CBD

Cheaper forms of CBD on the market often use isolates—CBD that’s not real. “Full-spectrum” CBD uses the entire plant, meaning that the full range of therapeutic constituents of the hemp plant gets extracted.


Co-ingredients, like turmeric paired with black pepper, work in partnership with CBD to increase the body’s ability to more effectively absorb CBD where it’s needed.


One key challenge faced by CBD consumers is the low absorption rate of hemp oil into the digestive system. Find a water-soluble formula that can then deliver those whole plant benefits we discussed above.

So while there is no official serving size of CBD, one of the reasons we decided to develop a CBD capsule (as opposed to the many others methods of consumption) was so we could offer a quality formula that would take much of the guesswork (and stress!) out of the equation as possible.

CBD has vast therapeutic treatment benefits and we hope that this guide provides a starting point and helps you to feel confident in a “slowly does it” approach. We believe that the more you can listen to your body while having peace of mind andtrust in what you’re taking, the more likely your body will get the precise support it needs so you can return to the things you love doing most.


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