Why You Should Be Using CBD Before & After Workouts

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When you want to keep fit and healthy but have a new (or old) injury, it can be frustrating getting over that initial hump of muscle stiffness and getting properly warmed up for a workout.

After all, you just want to feel good when you hit the pavement for that walk or run, do a few extra vinyasas in your yoga class, or even add some extra weights when you lift at the gym.

Nature’s “Icy Hot”

You might have heard about the benefits of CBD for pain relief, but did you know it’s a powerful ally in managing muscle soreness and stiffness before workouts?

Because CBD products directly target irritated nerve receptors in the body, they naturally reduce inflammation and desensitize pain.

So whether you have an old ACL tear injury, joint pain, muscle pain, hip or knee issues, CBD helps you get the best out of your body and the best out of your workouts.

Here’s the nitty-gritty of how CBD works:

1. Warm Up Faster

    When paired with essential oils and cooling menthol, topical applications of CBD initially have a cooling effect, quickly followed by warmth. This means you can soothe your muscles quickly either by massaging in a cream or using a hands-free spray directly onto the area.

    After 5-10 minutes you can then properly stretch before your workout or warm up (and loosen up) faster during that initial jogging phase of your run.

    “I'm really active -- I run, lift, and hike -- and using CBD has completely changed how I feel while doing some of my favorite activities! I literally spray it everywhere -- on my neck, shoulders, knees, and back -- and I use it before my workout to get warmed up and after my workout to help with muscle recovery.” - J.B.E

    2. Relaxes Muscles & Builds Endurance

      When our bodies are dealing with pain or under any kind of stress, inflammation is the natural response. But because CBD is antispasmodic, it has muscle and vascular relaxant properties which alleviate muscles spasms. Plus, the addition of essential oils into the mix means your muscles simply can’t resist!

      And if you’re consistently working on increasing stamina or raising weights at the gym, muscle pain and recovery time won’t slow you (and your goals) down. Instead, you can workout for longer without that familiar discomfort digging in.

      “I dislocated my shoulder while skiing and struggled to find a treatment option that didn't leave me feeling weak and groggy. I started incorporating Sagely into my daily routine with physical therapy and personal training. My shoulder is back to normal, and my athletic routine is even more focused than before the injury.” - Jack

      3. More Flexibility, Less Joint Pain

        Because CBD naturally reduces pain, it also helps with increasing flexibility in joints. So if you love to run, hike, lift, squat, lunge, or press - you can expect lessened pain in those usually sore joints as you move.

        “I'm a yogi of 10+ years with a lot of old injuries and hyper flexibility - so often I'm inflamed and in pain. Within five minutes of using this magic, it went to work. By adding this lotion to my daily routine, I am in considerably less pain.” - Kristen Rae

        So while it’s quite common to wait until after-the-fact to seek solutions to discomfort, give your body a helping hand to reduce potential pain and get more out of your physical activity--before your workout, not just after!

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