How CBD is Different Than Other Pain Relievers

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When you have pain or discomfort that doesn’t seem to calm down for long, even with treatment, it can significantly impact your day-to-day (and even moment-to-moment) enjoyment of life.

And for people with chronic pain, it’s often a combination of the injured or inflamed muscle or joint, PLUS pain coming from the nerves as well. So the nerve that was supposed to be the mere messenger of pain now becomes an extra sore point!

There are many drugs, potions and lotions on the market claiming to manage and relieve pain and discomfort. You might be one of many people who has tried a huge array of medicines, only to be left in just as much pain as before.

And it’s not your fault. Understanding the science, differences, and popular advice behind pain relief options can be extremely overwhelming and confusing, especially at a time when you are in pain and just want to get back to enjoying your life!

Like Karen shared with us recently:

“I am almost 64 years old and recently had major orthopedic surgery. I did well, but a couple of weeks later had a fall that I just could not come back from. I returned to work some weeks later miserable! Nothing I took really helped.”

Desensitizing Pain at the Nerve Level

But there is one major difference between CBD (one of the key ingredients used in all of Sagely’s products) and all other pain relievers that we feel you should know about.

The main difference is that CBD works directly at the site of irritated nerve receptors.

We believe that options that target and desensitize pain at the nerve level are crucial for ongoing pain relief and recovery. Here’s why:

  1. When a body part is injured or stressed, nerve endings are triggered and send warning signals to the brain.
  2. Your nervous system takes its job of creating pain very seriously and will always err on the side of caution, quickly sending warning signals to the brain and giving you a clear incentive (pain) to do something about it!
  3. When the nerves get flared up, it can be very sore and tender. Desensitizing the area will help the nerves calm, decrease sensitivity, and restore them back to normal.

One of the things CBD can do is to desensitize pain at the nerve level while at the same time minimizing aches and pains, and reducing inflammation.

But why not just take a common pain reliever, like Advil, that also reduces inflammation?

How Does CBD Work Compared to Products like Advil?

Although CBD is a plant compound found in hemp, it’s also naturally produced in the human body.

And it’s for that reason that CBD can act as a lock and key system with the human body’s existing receptors, sending signals to the specific problem area, and then reducing the pain you’re experiencing.

The fact that this system already exists in our bodies is what enables CBD to be so effective.

Which is why Karen also shared this with us:

“A dear friend, who hated seeing me like this, purchased Sagely Naturals cream and capsules. Since using them, I feel so much better! I work in a nursing home and am a nurse on my feet for hours. I will never be without it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I was in tears every day and night, spent a small fortune on products that did not work, and Tylenol is bad for my liver. This has made me feel whole again! God bless you!” - Karen.

Comparatively, when you take a pain reliever like Ibuprofen, it keeps injured or damaged cells from making and releasing a chemical called prostaglandin. When the cells don't release this chemical, it means that the brain won't get the pain message as quickly or clearly. So your pain becomes less severe for as long as the cells aren't releasing the chemical (and for as long as you’re taking the medicine).

In short: these kinds of drugs inhibit prostaglandins, which dilate blood vessels leading to the kidneys, resulting in dead tissue and decreased blood flow.

Plus, one of the biggest problems with common pain relievers, like Advil, is that they are not safe to continually increase doses or use over extended periods, because of adverse effects on the kidney.

Pain medications like these don’t have any ongoing benefits, whereas CBD, with its nerve relief AND anti-inflammatory benefits, does.


So we hope this helps explain how CBD works differently than anything you’ve been using. After all, it was the lack of accessible, premium, and safe pain relief products in the marketplace that inspired us to create Sagely Naturals in the first place.

For people just like Karen, and probably just like you, who have experienced pain, discomfort, and immense frustrations that nothing seemed to be working despite your best efforts.

Together, let’s get you back to doing the things you love most.

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