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As a culture, we've accepted having constant pain, inflammation, and general discomfort as normal.

So it should come as no surprise that an over-prescription of pain relief medications in an attempt to manage that “normal” pain and discomfort has also become routine for our healthcare professionals and society in general.

But we believe in creating a new normal.

A “normal” that does not accept being in chronic pain as something you simply have to accept.

There is an age-old saying that “Prevention is the best medicine” and while it might be old, it still rings true today.

Because taking care of your health doesn’t mean you never get sick or have pain. It means a balance of preventative actions as well as dealing with ailments when they arise (because life and injury sometimes happen whether we like it or not!)

Vitamins and supplements are one way many people are starting to manage their health more proactively.

And while vitamins - from natural sources - certainly have their place in preventative healthcare, one of the problems we see with many supplements is that they are manufactured synthetically with chemicals in an attempt to mimic nature.

So while they are great in some instances (and with advice from your healthcare professional), we believe CBD is a more powerful option than just vitamins alone because CBD works differently than anything else you’ve probably been using.

How CBD Keeps the Body In Balance Just Like a Vitamin

The reason why CBD works so differently is that compounds like CBD already exist in our bodies. And it’s for this reason that ALL of our products (capsules and creams) can be used just like vitamins.

If you think about calcium, for example, it’s also something in our bodies; it’s in our bones already but we use calcium supplements within a daily vitamin routine to keep our bones strong and stay active and healthy. We use these supplements because as we age, the calcium reserves in our bones and body deplete.

In this same way, the original amount of the compounds that are like CBD in our bodies also diminish over time–just like with calcium.

And as we get older, we then need something to bolster our endocannabinoid system (a central regulatory system that helps to regulate the immune, nervous and digestive systems) to keep the body in balance.

CBD works to restore this balance by reducing anxiety, diminishing stress, and alleviating pain.

And the great thing is, all of our products can work like vitamins, not just the capsules.


A Daily Dose of Nature’s Advil

Creating a health care routine that supports your body to be at its strongest doesn’t happen with the flick of a switch.

  • Which is why you can’t pop any of our products like a Xanax and expect it to work the same way.

  • Or why if you have a headache and take one of our capsules, the capsules take three to four days to build up the CBD within your system (although our new Headache Roll-On does provide more immediate relief.)

    Nonetheless, we are happy to say that by using any of our products, or a combination of cream/capsules, it usually takes at most a few weeks to start to feel better. In the scheme of a lifetime, we believe this is a pretty short period, especially if you’ve been dealing with discomfort for as long as you can remember!

    Of course, it may happen sooner, but the point here is to create a new habit of taking your daily dose of nature’s Advil.


    How to Take Your Daily Dose

    So how and when is it best to use our products? Below we’d like to share with you some additional detail to help you get the most out of your daily dose: 

    Relief & Recovery Cream / Relief & Recovery Spray

    For the cream and spray, this means incorporating the products into your daily routine. Don't just use them, for example, when your hip is starting to kill you or when your hand or foot pain is flaring up. Use it every day when you get out of the shower or before you go to bed to get the most benefits.

    Relief & Recovery Capsules

    As far as timing and dosage of the capsules, we recommend experimenting to see what time and what dose works best for you. As far as time of day, some of our users tell us that the capsules help to relax them, and so they take them before bed while others prefer to take them in the mornings so they can feel the effects during the day.

    As far as dosage, we recommend starting with one capsule a day and seeing how you feel. If, after a week or two, you’re not getting the desired effects, you can begin taking two capsules at a time. There is no limit to how many capsules you can take a day. Try experimenting!




    Your life is waiting for you to get back to it, without the pain that not only plays in the background of your mind but also prevents you from doing the things you love.

    Are you in discomfort? Take a look at our pain relief options today and join us in creating a new normal for general wellness and your health. 


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